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LAUNCH, the #1 business masterclass on television, created by 7-figure business growth strategist Tameka Chapman is your high-energy, mid-day business show where men and women who have achieved success as an entrepreneur share their journey to inspire YOU to LAUNCH while you LUNCH!

Season 2 launches on 12/5!


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Thank you for our conversation yesterday and for taking the extra time to e-meet with me. You have provided me with a wealth of information and strategy for me to plan out my next steps in building and growing my business and to take action steps now.  


I am extremely grateful for your advice and feedback on my art. 

Client from sunny Trinidad

I want to thank you again for today's call. I knew you would deliver but honestly, you over delivered. I've been hyped ALL DAY! 


I'm thankful for your expertise and feel favored by you sharing so freely with me. 


You are appreciated more than you know.

Client from Maryland, USA

Tameka, this has been one of the most eye-opening calls I've ever had.  You have the embedded ability to not only see what I'm doing, but address the gaps and you showed me how to easily make the necessary moves to making money in my business.  You are a gift from God.  I can never thank you enough for what you did today.

Client from Canada

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Our mission is to create the greatest platform for positivity that delivers positive, empowering content rich in culture, legacy and diversity. To empower and celebrate life and inspire men, women and families, globally, to live in their purpose, on purpose, and by doing so, create a positive vortex where negativity can no longer exist.

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-Tameka Chapman

Chase your transformation; trust your process.


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