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Offering leadership development, leadership training and soft skills training to organizations in the federal government, financial services, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit organizations, and consulting firms, The Leading Executive will help your leaders to be seen as the qualified executives they are!

The Leading Executive is the preferred leadership training program that offers custom leadership development pathways for individual leaders and assign seasoned leadership mentors to each client to ensure the skillset and performance is strong and ready for advanced leadership roles within your company.


We don't just staff your firm, we ensure our talent is 

well-equipped and trained to do the job,

ensuring long-term client success!


We offer staffing for companies for Government, Legal, Finance,  Accounting, Healthcare/Medical, Education

and Information Technology.


We are expedient in responding and will work to get your available position filled within 96 hours. 

We are a staffing company that specializes in finding you the perfect candidate for your available positions.  We handle all aspects of recruiting, including screening applicants, screening references, reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates.  We now also offer the following services: technical job skills training, soft skills training for all of our candidates.

Business Meeting


Allow Mogul Media to review your business marketing plan and provide you with the missing link to automate the process of business growth.

With our proven strategy of business growth, Mogul Media will create a custom business growth and strategic outreach/ marketing plan that allows you to better understand your target market and target audience to grow and scale faster!

When your business is ready for greater visibility, Mogul Media is here to assist you with strategic communications and branding that provides increased impact, influence and income for your business.  We will always be here to assist!

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