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Keynote Speaker | Author | Executive Leadership Coach

"Success is the result of perseverance."  Tameka Chapman


Tameka Chapman is a mother (of two toddlers), a wife (of 24+ years), and a leading executive (of 20 years)… and, just like Tameka, there are hundreds of thousands of women in the workforce who wear many hats with high-level responsibility. 

Tameka realized that work/life balance for which she desperately searched became elusive as she added on additional leadership roles in her life and career; however, her reality of expertly juggling the primary focus areas allowed her to become more productive and a better leader.  There are many times that we, as women, struggle to keep all of our pins in the air.  And there are many times that we feel guilty when one of our pins hits the ground.

Tameka Chapman joined the U.S. Navy in October 1996 and, during her tenure of service, she learned valuable lessons on teamwork, self-sufficiency, mental strength and toughness, perseverance, accountability, respect, and performance.  She used those same skills throughout her two-decade career and, now in her company, Mogul Media LLC.


"Having a solid foundation is the first step to success."

Tameka Chapman

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As a woman in Corporate America, Tameka Chapman continuously stepped into the role of mentor, leader, trainer, expert and go-to person for many tasks, projects, systems and processes and, having achieved some phenomenally significant career milestones, contributing and coaching in multiple organizations, as well as encountering some pretty painful ‘barriers to entry’, Tameka tapped into her perseverance to stick with the assignment and quickly became respected for her leadership, expertise, willingness and competence to see results.


In all of these experiences, Tameka Chapman has become a stronger leader who leads from within.  It is with over 20 years of leadership experience and expertise and many life lessons as a mother, wife, and executive that she is able to have open dialogue, created to influence, inspire and invigorate the mindsets of women  to reach their full potential in their careers and businesses.​

Tameka Chapman is an award-winning keynote speaker, #1 international and world-record author, certified energizeHER executive coach for women and business growth strategist for small- to mid-size businesses.  When she is not leading the charge and shifting mindsets, you can find her having too much fun with her family or jumping into one of her creative spaces - from television producer, singer, painting, solving puzzles, reading or writing.

Tameka Chapman presentations


The Pin In The Air

Speaks to prioritization in life, career and business to achieve consistent success

What's In Your Bottle?

Addresses the mindset and mental wellness challenges that hinders leadership growth

Pivot to Grow; Adjust to Scale

Strategic business and leadership talk on growing as a company, people and culture

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